To update the firmware on all YachtBot hardware, you will need a mirco-USB cable and a copy of the YachtBot firmware - see "The latest firmware" at the end of this page.


  • THIS PROCESS MUST NOT BE DONE ON A MAC. Windows or Linux only.
  • Updating firmware on any device carries risk of damage. Firmware should only be updated on an as-needs basis under direction from Igtimi staff.  

Firmware update process

  1. Download and unzip the correct zipped folder from the links at the bottom of this document, based on the hardware type being updated.   
  2. Remove the water proof plug from the bottom of the device and plug the micro-USB cable into the YachtBot Mirco-USB socket.
  3. Plug YachtBot into a computer via USB. The YachtBot power light light comes on. 
  4. Within a couple of seconds, give the YachtBot power button a short press. All lights start flashing and the device will appear as a USB flash drive
  5. Open the mounted drive on your computer and delete the file called "firmware.bin"
  6. Stop, take a breath and say after me "I have deleted the file!", because this is important.
  7. Drag and drop, or copy and paste the new firmware image onto the removable drive – it doesn’t matter what the new firmware file name is as long as it is the ".bin" file from the unzipped downloaded folder.
  8. Wait for the file copy to finish, and then unplug the USB cable.
  9. The YachtBot device starts up for a few seconds, then shuts down.  You're DONE! The new firmware has now been installed.
  10. Proceed to update the configuration as outlined below.


  • TideBot users: remove the bottom lid of the TideBot pod for access to the USB port, and use the magnetic switch to "press" the power button
  • After updating firmware,
  • Here is what you should see on the mounted drive.  If you can see *.bif, *.log and config.ini files, then you have missed pressing the button in time.  In this case, pull out the cable and wait for the lights to turn off before starting again.

Configuration update and _assets folder

Version 417 requires a new config.ini file and _assets folder installed.  Ensure the config.ini file and _assets folder from the downloaded zip file have been copied to the SD card.  Instructions can be found here...

Firmware recovery procedure

Should a firmware update fail for any reason, then YachtBot will lock on with the power light illuminated and be unresponsive to button presses. A new firmware image can be loaded using the following procedure.

  1. Plug in the USB cable 
  2. Press and release the reset button (small white pin-hole next to the power socket) 
  3. Proceed to step 3) above 

The latest firmware

...version 417  is right here.

YachtBot 417 (3 October 2016)

YachtBot with IMU 417 (3 October 2016)

YachtBot BIO 417 (3 October 2016)

YachtBot BIO with IMU 417 (3 October 2016)

WindBot 417 (3 October 2016)

WindBot with Bluetooth 417 (3 October 2016)

WindBot 417 B and G display (3 October 2016)

TideBot 417 (3 October 2016)



Build 417 : 2016-09-30


  - Feature: Recorded audio data synchronises on shutdown

  - Improved charge light behaviour 

  - TideBot display formatting tweaks

  - Various bugfixes and stability improvements


Build 414 : 2016-07-15


  - Feature: Bluetooth serial output enabled for NMEA

  - Feature: Bluetooth audio now supports recording from TalkBot 

  - Feature: IMU can now send real-time data, and synchronise

  - Feature: Real time clock drift adjustment using GPS PPS

  - Feature: 4x button taps recalibrates the IMU Gyro (use only under direction)

  - Feature: Prefetch and Data aborts handled and logged with automatic reboot

  - Feature: GPS auto-configuration

  - Feature: LED's all blink if config.ini unavailable or contains syntax errors (see log for detail)

  - Feature: APN for cellular connection is now automatic

  - Feature: Speaker can now play any audio file

  - Speed over 100kt handled

  - Various bugfixes and stability improvements

  - Various Logging improvements


Build 406 : 2015-11-27


  - Sync moves files to "synced" folder when complete (if not deleting)

  - TideBot display formatting tweaks

  - "Monitor" feature released

  - NMEA output now meets V2.3 specification 


Build 403 : 2015-10-27


  - GPS DELAY <X> OVERRIDE option added - single tap wakes up GPS (Case 1937)

  - WIND LOGTYPE [RAW/TIMED] configuration option added

  - Synchronisation engine V2 available (multiple file types, live sync)

  - Improvements and fixes to Cell engine, declination calcs, system logging


Build 395 : 2015-07-01


  - Silence spurious logging for WCT module (Case 1889)

  - Minor fixes to CORS, Cell, Bluetooth Audio and Declination calcs


Build 393 : 2015-05-18


  - Add WMM2015 declination calculations for TW calculation

  - Handle unexpected IMU errors


Build 392 : 2015-05-08


  - Handle oversize commands via payloads


Build 391 : 2015-05-06


  - Add support for Bike Cadence to ANT+ profiles


Build 385 : 2015-03-15


  - Implement GoBot (event reporting) feature

  - Implement correction services = CORS (DGPS + RTK base/rover)


Build 383 : 2015-02-26


  - Improve IMU logfile output

  - Add IMU commands for changing oversample and averaging settings

  - Implement improved calibration routines

  - Add WCT (water current) demo mode

  - Add control for Magnetic or True fields in NMEA output