YachtBot devices have one button for operation and up to five status indicators.

Turn device ON

To turn the device on, first ensure all status indicators on the tracker are off. Press and hold the front button for three seconds.


You see the power indicator turn on, then in sequence the status indicators below the power indicator turn on, until all indicators are on.

The tracker then beeps twice. Once you hear this, let go of the button.

Fault mode: If all the indicators turn on slowly over 2+ seconds, the SD card is missing or the "Config.ini" file is missing from the SD card. See here for more details on the configuration file.

You have turned the tracker on successfully when the power indicator stay on solid, the status indicators flash to indicate where the start-up procedure is at.

Turn device OFF

To turn the device off, press and hold the power button until you hear a long beep. It's normal for the tracker to take several seconds to completely turn off.

The Power indicator will slow flash as the tracker turns off. If in Synchronisation mode, the device may not turn off immediately