YachtBot typically connects to the YachtBot web servers within one minute of starting. The connection LED slowly flashes while it is starting up, and goes solid when connected. If the connection LED is flashing fast, this indicates that a SIM is not yet (correctly) inserted.


If YachtBot does not connect within a few minutes, here is a list of the common things to check, sorted by likelihood. If you still have trouble after going through this list, please contact us and have a zip file of the contents of your SD card ready.

Access point Name (APN)

YachtBot firmware versions after 417 will automatically lookup the APN for your SIM card provider.  Ensure you have correctly installed the "_assets" folder on your device. 

However not all SIM cards will work with the automatic APN lookup feature, you may need to manually add the APN, username, and password in the YachtBot config.ini on the SD card. 

How? Check with your carrier for the correct settings, although many good sources of information can be found online.  or Place the SIM card in a mobile phone and browse the setting of the phone which will tell you the APN the phone is using. 

1. Attach the YachtBot device to your computer using the USB cable, Open the config.ini file.

2. Remove the "#" at the start of the line in the config.ini file "#cell apn set internet"

3. Change the word "internet" to the APN for your SIM Card provider eg "cell apn set t-mobile".

4. Save the config.ini file.

Unlocked yet?

Many new pre-pay SIM’s require being unlocked or activated using SMS or a phone call before they will work in data devices.

How? Check the documentation that came with your SIM card for unlock instructions.  You may need to insert the SIM into a mobile phone first, and ensure you can browse to an internet page from the cell phone.

Got credit?

Check there is credit on the SIM. Some carriers will quote available voice calling credit and data credit separately, ensure you are checking available data credit.

How? Ask your carrier.

SIM lock

Ensure that the SIM lock has been disabled.  

How? Check that when the SIM is placed in a smart phone, the phone should not request a PIN when powering up. If it does, the SIM lock can be disabled by using the phone’s SIM toolkit menu .

On a plan?

Ensure that the SIM is not on a hardware-locked plan (typical in some countries when the carrier provides free-of-charge phones with a long term contract).

How? Check that the SIM works in an unlocked smartphone, and can access the internet.

GPRS data!

Ensure that the SIM is enabled for GPRS data, not MMS (WAP) data. Some (now very old!) data plans only work with WAP data.

How? Check with your carrier.

2G only?

Check if the plan is 2G only. Some carriers have plans that only work on their 2G network.

How? Ask your carrier. (You can force 2G operation in the YachtBot config.ini on the SD card.)


Yacht-Bot strongly recommend against using carriers that rely on roaming agreements with other national carriers to extend their coverage (common in the UK). Cellular roaming between carriers is unreliable and causes unreliable performance with YachtBot devices. Choose a carrier with the best national coverage.