Your WindBot is a GPS-based tool that enables you to measure True Wind where it matters most: on the water. It is part of the YachtBot product family and natively interfaces with the YachtBot website and the Igtimi API for easy sharing, viewing and analyzing races and training sessions. Like all YachtBot devices, the WindBot features single button operation and arrives ready to go. Happy sailing!

Before you head out on the water …

  • Get a (large form factor) SIM card with a data plan and check out the related articles on SIM cards, APN settings, and trouble shooting advice.
  • Register the device to your YachtBot account at by entering the serial and tag numbers.
  • Remove the WindBot brain’s bung with the supplied carabiner.
  • Insert the SIM card and re-fit the bung carefully. Attach the WindBot brain to the pole using the rubber straps.
  • Preferably outside, with a full view of the sky, push the power button on the WindBot until you hear two beeps and see the two bottom LEDs flash. The device now looks for GPS signal (bottom) and checks the data connection (top indicator). For the YachtBot website to recognize the WindBot, both indicators must flash and then go solid.

Ready to go!

How does WindBot work?

WindBot uses the raw data from the ultrasonic sensor at the top and subtracts the motion of the boat as measured by the WindBot brain’s internal GPS and IMU (inertial measurement unit). This removes the apparent wind component caused by the boat movement. WindBot uses the local cell phone network to report its GPS location to the Igtimi servers five times a seconds. When not in cell coverage, the WindBot stores the location data and sends it to our servers as soon as the device does a sync cycle at power off. Alternatively, no SIM card is used and WindBot connects to a standalone display.