Your WindBot consists of …

A three meter long carbon fibre pole, in two or three sections. The top section is fitted with an ultrasonic sensor at the top and an attachment for the WindBot brain. The bottom or middle section is fitted with the metal pole bracket for easy attachment to your boat.

The sections are joined together and secured with Velcro strapping. The bottom end of the pole fits into the rubber pole cup to avoid damage to your boat.

The WindBot brain connects to an optional pigtail, via which the WindBot can be charged and data read out.

Your WindBot came with …

  • Carabiner and tweezers assembly – used to open the brain’s bung and remove SIM card
  • USB cable – standard micro USB cable for charging or reading data from SD card
  • Two rubber straps (black or orange) for securely attaching the WindBot brain to the mounting plate
  • Power supply (DC to 4mm plug) for charging