The YachtBot device connects to the internet using the data connection on a SIM card.  The YachtBot device will use automatic settings that are supplied by major cellular companies word wide, however some SIM cards will need some setting entered manually.

If the YachtBot device is not connecting to the internet, and you have confirmed that the SIM card is operating without a pin code and supplying data to a mobile phone, then you may need to add a manual APN setting into the config.ini file.

The APN can be found by searching the internet, or by placing the SIM into a mobile phone and browsing to the SIM information page in your phones settings.

To add the APN into the config file add the following line in the cell section of the config.ini file.


replace the <name> with the correct APN.  eg, if the APN is Vodafone, then the you will enter CELL APN SET VODAFONE 

To have no APN use


To set the APN to use the automatic lookup feature.  If the Auto lookup fails to find a valid APN, it will report in the LOG file that no APN was found.


To set the user name for the cellular provider
CELL USER <name>
CELL PASS <password>