To register a device with your YachtBot account, login to and go to the Dashboard. Here, go to the Device menu on the left and click on Register a device.

Enter your device's serial number and tag as shown on the sticker on the back of your device. For the device name, avoid special characters such as "*&$".

This step only needs to be done once. Only the device owner can un-register or share a device with others.

Loading or Updating multiple Devices at once

If you have multiple devices to register, the advanced Users option will allow you to use a Comma Delimited Value (CSV) file to register multiple devices at once.

This feature can also be used to update the names of your devices.

Click on "For Advanced Users:  Register with CSV file", then upload your CVS file.

The CVS file needs the following format... 

<Serial Number>, <Tag>, <optional Name>



If you don't have the optional Name, ensure you still have the comma after the <Tag>

If the device is already registered, you can use this feature to change the name of your device.