When not in use for longer times YachtBot devices (YachtBot, YachtBot Bio, TideBot and WindBot) should be stored in a cool, dry environment with all cables coiled up, connectors cleaned and free from salt and debris.

Be good


Handle your YachtBot device and their battery and charger carefully.

Only use supplied accessories. Incompatible batteries, chargers and cables may cause serious injuries or damage your YachtBot device. Never place YachtBot unit or its parts on, in, or near sources of heat, such as radiators, fires, microwave ovens or stove tops. The battery may explode when overheated.


We support the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEED), applicable in European Union and other European countries with separate battery return systems.

This product and its accessories (such as chargers, batteries and the USB cable) cannot be disposed of with other household wastes when they reach the end of their life. If batteries are not properly disposed of, these wastes may cause harm to human health and the environment. To prevent the harm, please dispose of or recycle them separately from other waste so as to boost resource recycling and reuse.