On/off sequence

Press and hold down the button for 3-5s to turn on the YachtBot Mini. You hear one beep and feel a vibration. The blue and green indicators blink on for 1s and blink off for 1s simultaneously.

Press and hold down the button for 2s to turn YachtBot off. You hear a beep.


Indicator Mode Description
GPS (blue) Steady on Charging

Blinking (1s cycle) Fixing to satellites or invalid GPS
  Off  Fixed to satellites (2G) or powered off
  Blinking (3s cycle)  Fixed to satellites (3G)
 Data (green)  Steady on  --
   Blinking (1s cycle)  Establishing a data connection or not receiving signal
   Off  Connected (2G) or powered off
   Blinking (3s cycle)  Connected (3G)

Is it on or off?

To check what state you're in, press the power button briefly. If both lights flash shortly, YachtBot Mini has a satellite fix and is connected. If no lights flash, the device is off or out of battery.

Applying only to 3G version: When connected, the GPS and Data indicators blink in unison every 3 seconds.

Applying only to some earlier hardware iterations: If only the blue light flashes briefly, the device is off.

Micro USB port

This port is used for charging, connecting a PC computer or DC power pack.