TideBot features single button operation and has three indicator lights: power, cell connection and GPS status indicators. Finished or failed current measurements are indicated on the screen.

Turn on/off

Hold the magnet over the switch button for 3s to turn on TideBot. The power indicator lights up, then in sequence the status indicators below turn on. The device then beeps twice, at which point you can move the magnet. The power indicator remains on solid and the two indicator lights start flashing. Once cell (if used) and GPS connection are established, both indicators remain on solid.

To turn the TideBot off, do another ‘long button push’ described in the turn on sequence.


Ensure that the TideBot is turned off. Remove the lid on the pod, ensuring to open the lid facing down so that water trapped in the thread of the lid drops on the floor rather than inside the pod.. Plug in the supplied power pack into the power charge socket. The power indicator turns on solid until the battery is charged, then it turns off. A 90% charge is achieved after approximately 4 hours, full charge between 6 and 8 hours.

Charging via USB cable is slower and depends on the available current supply (via DC pack or PC).