Once you've created an account, registered some devices (or simply using your smart phone), you'll find yourself looking at YachtBot's dashboard every time you log in. Here is a quick look around:

Navigation is via the left hand menu. You can filter the view of races and devices by whether they are owned by or shared to you. Alternatively, if looking for a particular race or device, simply navigate to the appropriate section and use the search box on the top right.

In addition to what's shown above, a heading of LIVE races and devices appears while a race is happening or while devices are sending data.

Clicking on the Live heading in the Devices section shows the list of all live devices. Selecting any of them shows a map with the current location and an indicator that the GPS connection is working. With YachtBot, YachtBot Bio, TideBot and WindBot, the page below shows additional information such as

  • Battery level (approximate)
  • Wind data received (WindBot only)
  • Heart rate data received (YachtBot Bio only)
  • Audio data received (YachtBot Bio only)