For creating races with large numbers of competitors, use the "Import CSV" feature.

A CSV file is a "Comma separated Values" text file that contains all your competitors with the reference to the device the competitor is carrying.

The CSV file needs to be formatted like this...

<Boat Number>, <Boat Name>, <Type>, <Serial Number>, <Colour>

This is an example of a file:


All columns must contain information except for <Boat Number> and <Colour>, as the default be blank or will generate a random colour.   If the column is left empty it still needs to have the comma.  eg ",Boat01,yacht,GA-GP-AAAH,"

Boat Number

Can be numbers or text, no longer than 25 characters long.  This could be the competitors sail number, race number, or short name. This field cant contain special characters "&,',>,<," ect.

Boat Name
Boat Name can only contain alphabetical letters and numbers.  This field cant contain special characters "&,',>,<," ect.

Currently the CSV file only supports “yacht” (in lower case).

Serial Number

The serial number must be formatted AA-AA-AAAA. If a serial number is used that you don't have access to the data, then the "Failed Dialog", will show which serial number cant be used.  The serial number of each YachtBot device can be found on the back label of the physical device. 


The colour is formatted as hex RGB.  For more information on hex colours visit  "#RRGGBB"  RR = Red colour component, GG = Green colour component, BB = Blue colour component.  If the colour column is left blank then a random colour will be generated.