We assume you already have a YachtBot account and a device to use for tracking.

In order for your race organiser to create a race with you in it, they require access to your data. However, if you wish to make your data available on an ongoing basis, you can also share with your race organiser for a season, or a year. See the Sharing your boat's tracking data with your club article.

They can do this by requesting access for a small time window that covers the race, the process is explained in Getting your race participants' data. As a boat owner, all you need to do is:

  1. Receive an email that data has been requested
  2. Log into the www.yacht-bot.com website and accept the request for the device you intended to share.
  3. If the request was made in error, you can reject the request.

Note that approval for data requests cannot be undone.