How is YachtBot better than other tracking Apps?

Sure, phones have GPS and there is a lot of Apps out there that use the GPS to overlay position data points on a map.

YachtBot is quite different and a lot more powerful. YachtBot provides safe, centralized storage of all the data that's recorded. In comparison to storing one person's data on a phone, you can enjoy the benefit of seeing not just your tracks, but those of your competitors on the same time line. After all, seeing the different choices people make in an identical environment, and at the same time, is what makes it a race!

With YachtBot Mobile, we offer you a free taste of what real time collection and display of racing data can do for you and your sport.

With YachtBot, real time fleet tracking, anywhere on the globe, is easy and expandable. Start with the YachtBot Mobile App just for yourself. Then rope in some friends, then your club. Graduate to a hiring or purchasing a set of YachtBot Minis (because you want a faster update rate and better precision), get a YachtBot Bio to get the most out of training by monitoring your heart rate (and better precision yet), then throw WindBot's true wind and TideBot's current measurements into the mix to hone your wind and current reading skills - and boom! - you're at the top of what real-time technology can offer sailors today.

I've logged in to the app and pressed the power button, now what?

For you to visualise your GPS data, you need to log in to your YachtBot account on and create a new race session. Information on how to do this can be found here.