Before heading out on the water, here are a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your TideBot system.

If this is a brand new system, please ensure that you have received all components, and that everything is intact before beginning setup.

You should have:

  • E-pod with screen and electronics
  • Float with orange sail
  • Storage tube
  • A spare bungee assembly and shock cord
  • Power supply 
  • USB cable 
  • Spare antenna (Optional for transmitting version)

Initial setup

Before deploying your TideBot, we recommend first fully charging the unit, and installing a SIM card. Note: The SIM card is a large form factor and requires an active data plan. Check out our related articles on SIM cards, APN settings, and trouble shooting advice.

To charge your device, remove the e-pod from the flotation tube, and unscrew the bottom cover on the e-pod and plug in the supplied power pack into the power charge socket. The power indicator flashes until the battery is charged, then it goes solid. A 90% charge is achieved after approximately 4 hours, full charge between 6 and 8 hours.

{insert picture of TB charging}

To install the SIM card in your device, with the lid removed, insert the SIM card in the right slot, on the base of the e-pod.

{insert picture of SIM and bottom of pod}

With your device ready to go, head over to to register your device, using the device serial and tag identifiers located on the bottom of the device. This step is required for you to see live data on the YachtBot website.

For more information on registering devices see Registering devices.

Powering on TideBot

With a full view of the sky, hold the magnet over the power button for 3 seconds to turn on TideBot. With the magnet over the power button, the power indicator lights up followed by a couple of beeps sort beeps. Release the magnet after the unit beeps. The power indicator remains on solid and the lower indicator lights start flashing. 

While connecting, the indicator lights will flash slowly, and once Cell (if used) and GPS connections are established, both indicators remain on solid.

Powering off TideBot

To turn off your TideBot, hold the magnet over the switch button for 3 seconds, until the unit beeps. The unit will begin to power down. 


Transmitting version
After registering the device and inserting a SIM card, create a LIVE race on

Required equipment:

A laptop, tablet, smartphone to view the live race
Sufficient sky view to allow TideBot to get a GPS fix
A compass or knowledge of True or Magnetic North direction

Now continue with the tests as described in the next section and either during or at the end of it, check the data YachtBot received and displayed.

Non-transmitting version

To convince yourself that the TideBot is producing sensible data, enable a WCT measurement and hold the TideBot with both hands and walk briskly due north. Check the measurement while you walk.

If this fails or doesn’t meet your predictions, check the declination settings in the TideBot configuration file (set to AUTO).

Visit our other support pages for more troubleshooting information.