What is the difference between the Race Editor and Race Viewer?

Race Editor

As the race owner, here, you set up your race and give it a name, a start and end time, and add your yachts etc. In addition, you can add wind and current devices, buoys and markers. If you're creating a race after the data has been recorded you can see all tracks for all your devices. This feature is only available to the race creator, and is used to manage the race session.

Race Viewer

This is the mode that you view the race session in. Boats will move, and you have the ability to scrub back and forward through the race session. This is also the only view that is available to public persons viewing the race session (when set to public sharing permissions). 

There are a couple of additional features that the race owner has in the viewer, whereby the owner can change the race start clock, and send informational messages out to all instances of the YachtBot Viewer.

Long story short; Race Editor, boats don't move, Race Viewer, boats move!